New Mexico - Dykinga Photography
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Native Lands MM7563

Dawn over the Puujee ruins of the Santa Clara Pueblo with the Jemez Mountains in the background. After the infamous Los Alamos Forest Fire destroyed 46,000 acres and laid waste to the upper reached of the Jimez Mountains, the tribal forestry department replanted the area with some 1,4 million seedlings.

The background left valley on the horizon is the Santa Clara River drainage headwaters, flowing from the tribeÍs 5000 acre reacquired PÍ opii Khanu land further upstream, in a cooperative deal with the Lannan Foundation. Puujee Pueblo ruins date from about 1300 AD and was thought to be inhabited by as many as 3000 people. Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico.

Contacts: J. Michael Chavarria, Gov. 505 929 1042, Bruce Bauer and Jeff Ham, Forestry Dept. 505 753 7326.